“Tier 1 Customer Service, Teamwork and Effective Property Management”


Our Services Include


Locating suitable tenants:

- Your property will be placed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
so all Realtors will be able to see the property is available and bring
prospective tenants to view it.

- In addition to being visible to all Realtors, your property will be
advertised through other outlets such as Realtor.com, our website, and
other online rental sites to ensure maximum exposure for different

-Evaluating references and performing credit checks.

-Visiting your property, and providing a rental evaluation and any
other advice, which you may require about renting your property.

-Ensuring compliance with state landlord regulations.

-Quarterly property inspection and recommendations for general
maintenance to keep future repair costs down and help ensure a longer
lasting value of your investment.

-Preparing a suitable tenancy agreement and arranging signature by the tenant.

-Preparing an inventory of the property and performing a video recording of the condition.

-Noting the condition of your property at move-in by performing a
documented and signed walk through inspection at possession. We also
perform a check-out inspection when property is vacated to note the
condition beyond normal wear and tear.

-Supervising the transfer of utilities into the tenant's name.

-Acquiring rental payments monthly and paying you promptly, as well as following up on tenants who may be past due.

-When required, make payments for repairs and maintenance from monthly rental income.

-Arranging any necessary repairs or maintenance, but first contacting you in the case of larger works.

-Keeping in touch with the tenant on a routine basis, and arranging renewals of the agreement as necessary.

-Screening tenants as required, and continuing the rental process
with minimal periods of vacancy to ensure that you receive the optimum
return from your property.


Our Fees


You will find our fee structure to be very competitive.


Upon finding and placing a suitable tenant a leasing fee is applied.
This fee is based on a portion of the first month's rent. No other
leasing fees or commissions are due as the costs are included in this
one leasing fee. Our monthly management fee (only applied while the
property is occupied).

We strive to renew your leases and keep upstanding tenants as long as possible.


*We offer multiple property discounts.